Our Early Years programmes are designed in conjuction with the Curriculum of Excellence. Whether it be one of our popular current programmes or a bespoke package for your nursery, we can help keep your children active while aiding their development to gain the best start in life. Take a look at some of our programmes below.

Soccer Tots is our original Early Years programme and is one of our most popular. Soccer Tots aims to improve development and enjoyment through the sport of Football. Using football equipment, we play fun games, set challenges and go on a different exciting adventure each session.
Run, Jump & Throw is our athletics themed programme which is perfect for the build up to the big sports day. Our coach will bring new equipment each week and let the children try out events such as Javelin, Hurdles, Relay Races, Shot Put plus many more. Don't worry though, all our equipment are child friendly!! Through these events, the children are developing their key motor skills through different, fun events and activities.
Fun Fitness is our high tempo exercise class that keeps the children fit and active. More importantly, it's all fun so keeps the children laughing and happy. The class uses exercises that are age appropriate and key to the child's development.
Our Dance programme comes in all shapes and sizes and can be bespoke for your children. We can range from some fun moves to keep the children active or a routine to show off at the end of year show. As well having fun the children will be developing the coordination and movment to music.
The newest addition to our programmes is Yoga TotsYoga is proven to help align the body and mind, meaning it can be a great introduction to mindfulness for children. Yoga Tots uses stories and imagery to engage the children, as well as creating a positive message for the class to take away each week. Our sessions work on the whole body and focus on breathing whilst moving through a series of poses and positions. Children and guaranteed to leave every session feeling peaceful, calm and happy.

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